Meet the team

The team of publication year 2018-2019 welcomes you to The Amnesty.

Lara Andrews


My full name is Domhildur Lara Robertsdottir Andrews, but I go by Lara. I am studying Comparative Literature and Swedish at UCL. I am half Icelandic and half Canadian, but have lived here all my life.

Championing human rights has always been integral to how I understand the world, bringing together and fighting for our common humanity, as well as teaching us tolerance and understanding. In a time that is so divisive, it has never been more important to fight for protecting our common humanity and raise awareness to combat anything that threatens anyone’s fundamental rights, both here and across the world.

(For secret santa last year I was bought a girls just wanna have fundamental rights mug, it kinda says it all.)

Zoe Bodinetz


Hi, I’m Zoe, and I’m a second year Natural Sciences student. I’m looking forward to writing in the Amnesty journal; I’m hoping to focus on health-related topics, both national and global.

Samuel Ching


Samuel Ching (Sam) is an Economics student at UCL. His interest in human rights stems naturally from his years growing up in Hong Kong, where in recent years has seen heated discussion about whether the PRC Government has been interfering with Hong Kong’s semi-autonomy, and in the process jeopardising various civil liberties such as freedom of speech and freedom of the press. As Chairman of the Publication Committee in his secondary school, he decided to reach out and conduct interviews with the then Legislative Council President of Hong Kong, as well as various political party leaders for a series of interviews, later published in his school magazine. The continued development of Hong Kong’s political issues is something that he hopes to explore in his articles.

Another thing that concerns him is that, while the international community excels in condemning human rights issues around the world, it is often powerless towards addressing it; this is evident from the apparent failure of the Myanmar government to step in and halt the persecution towards the Rohingya community, even after mounting international pressure and the stripping of several awards previously held by Aung San Suu Kyi. Sam is also interested in documenting the impact of the refugee crisis on the receiving and host countries as well as the refugees themselves, as well as efforts around the world to legalise euthanasia and to recognise and empower the LGBT+ community.

Natalie Chu


Natalie is a Law student at UCL who was born and raised in Singapore. As a young girl she was always moved by stories of human suffering and has grown up determined to prove that our collective conscience as human beings has not faltered. However, she has recognized that she has a role to play herself, in ensuring that social injustices and human rights violations will be brought to light and that the voices of the most vulnerable will be elevated. After a year in London and a summer spent in Greece, Natalie has become particularly interested in the complexities surrounding the refugee crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean, as well as how the political and legal regimes in Europe have been responding to these massive waves of human displacement. Natalie also feels very strongly about human trafficking and modern-day slavery, as well as the use of torture and other counterterrorism measures. She also wishes to discuss in her writings how race, religion and borders are increasingly dividing people today, and hopes that her readers will ultimately be galvanized to stand in solidarity with all of humanity.

Emma Faverio


Hi, my name is Emma. I am a second year European Social and Political Sciences student at UCL. I am originally Italian but have lived all my life abroad in the UK, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan. My background has allowed me to see human rights issues from multiple different cultural and political perspectives and has made me interested in how human rights abuses are reported in the media. I am excited to join The Amnesty team and hope to explore issues surrounding women’s rights and the Middle East.

Charlotte Gardner


Hi, my name is Charlotte and I’m a third-year Politics student at UCL. I hope to promote the protection of human rights and draw attention to human rights abuses in the modern world.

I’m particularly interested in dispelling the often false and misleading myths that surround refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers. It has always been imperative to me that I use my privilege of free speech in order to speak out for those who are denied theirs or do not possess the same platform as I, on which they are able to voice their concerns or struggles. I hope that my work will encourage others to join the fight for human rights and see that equality is a cause worth fighting for.

Skye Graham-Welton


My name is Skye and I am a second-year Law student at UCL. I also have a double degree in English and Art History from Georgetown University. I am interested in exploring governance and accountability, particularly in relation to counter-terrorism (torture, extrajudicial imprisonment and extrajudicial killing) and migration.






Daniel Symons


Devisha Vythelingum


“Life is not what you alone make it. Life is the input of everyone who touched your life and every experience that entered it. We are all part of one another. Keep expanding your horizon, decolonise your mind, and cross borders” – Yuri Kochiyama

My passion for human rights was born when I started focusing on the ‘human’ in ‘human rights’. Having travelled extensively and assisted in several international human rights law cases, I learned about the insignificance of borders and the transnational power of human connection when I realised that the deepest aspiration of people around the world was to lead a life where their most basic rights were not violated. I became fluent in several languages at a young age because it gave me an opportunity to develop a raw connection that translations cannot achieve sometimes, more understanding and empathy towards the plight of vulnerable people. We all have an inherent ability to fight for what should not be taken away from us but it is also our duty as human beings to fight for what should not be taken away from others.

I am a UCL LLM graduate, specialising in international law and international human rights law. I am currently undertaking my BPTC course in London to become a barrister.