Letter From the Editors

Welcome to the relaunch of The Amnesty!

Our previous editor-in-chief Augusta started this publication last year and amassed over 10k views in the short time the website was live. As she’s now off doing good in a Zambian jungle (sans wifi), The Amnesty has passed into new hands! We are excited to develop Augusta’s initial plan for The Amnesty: a platform where topics concerning human rights are investigated intelligently. We want to produce smart, critical content exploring topics we are interested in and introducing new ones to our audience. We are both Law students at UCL, but our writers and readership are much wider.

Our format is changing slightly. Content will initially be published three times a week, and will range from op-ed, news articles and investigations to reviews and poetry. We will have the occasional themed week, as well as some fixed, monthly features such as summaries of rights-related events going on in London. We are introducing a series of interviews with notable people in academia, politics and NGOs. Come September, we will strengthen our link with UCL’s Amnesty Society, exploring the issues behind the projects they focus on.

At its core, Amnesty – and by extension, this publication – exist to advocate and protect humanity and human rights. This is especially important now, at a time when rights are under threat from all sides, including our own governments. The question of what balance to strike in compromising human rights with other things a country needs to function – safety, efficiency, unity – is perpetual. But with the rise of populism in Europe and the U.S., ever-more polarized populations and increases in the frequency of terrorist attacks, finding this balance seems more vital than ever. This can only be done through reasoned discussion, understanding and compromise. Ultimately, politics cannot be about emotion. They must be grounded in logic. Oversimplifying complex situations into catchy refrains is unproductive and can lead to dangerous disregard for, and violations of, rights. Now more than ever, we need to encourage thought, discussion and listening to each other. The Amnesty aims to be a platform for this.

We look forward to a year of quality writing and discussion.


Laila Sedgwick and Omar Hameed