Letter From the Editor

Welcome to The Amnesty’s third year of publication!

I am a second year PPE student at UCL and am thrilled to dedicate myself to furthering this platform’s initial goal: as a place ‘where topics concerning human rights are investigated intelligently.’

The political world has gone through some unexpected shake-ups in recent years, with the often-cited examples of Brexit and Trump being just the tip of the iceberg. Human rights’ experience has been through a similar curve. On the one hand, the #metoo movement saw unprecedented success. On the other, the Rohingya crisis demonstrates the long way we still have to go. The Amnesty will report and comment on the interaction of human rights and the larger political sphere as it occurs.

Bombarded with instant gratification and fast news, it is easy to be misinformed by the news. Complex issues such as human rights, in particular, are harmed by sensationalism because, to fully comprehend them, they can’t be oversimplified in a few paragraphs. The Amnesty, thus, aims to step away from sensationalism and toward a comprehensive discussion of world affairs.

Content is current and thorough, with a specific focus on human rights-related issues. Frequency of our articles is three times per week, varying from news and investigations to opinion pieces. We will also share events concerning human rights around London.

Ultimately, The Amnesty aims to encourage discussion and awareness of human rights. Our goal is to stimulate interest, thought and knowledge.

I look forward to an exciting year of insightful, original writing.



Dessi Eneva