‘The Amnesty’ is a student publication with a strong press response to real issues, where ‘opinions aren’t punished; they’re challenged’. Uncensored reporting is an important part of The Amnesty’s identity, and we value opinions and submissions from writers from a range of diverse backgrounds, life experiences and points of view. We celebrate free speech in all of its beautiful and uncomfortable forms and want our profiles and publications to be mediums where these ideas can be expressed and challenged.

Guest submissions is one of the main ways that The Amnesty is able to thrive and share their stories. At present, we receive submissions from people in different countries and a range of different universities, so anyone can become a contributor for The Amnesty.

Your style of reporting can be as varied as you like: we are to launch a poetry, video diary and photography series on The Amnesty’s official website, in addition to standard articles so really anything is welcome!