Haverstock Series: A Letter to Gabriella

Haverstock Journalism Club

A letter to Gabriella Ratcliffe, daughter of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a British-Iranian charity worker who has been detained in Iran since 3 April 2016.

Haverstock is a co-educational school in Camden Town, North London. Producing political heavyweights including the likes of Ed Miliband, it is not a school that should be cantankerously dismissed. Students are engaged, well informed and mean business. This is the latest in a series of contributions from their students.

Dear Gabriella,

The Christmas stars shine brightly and glimmer with the love your Mum and Dad have for you.

You are a small girl in a big world and need your Mum and Dad. We know it has been more than 600 days since you have seen your Mum.

When this first happened we asked. Why. It all sounds very complicated – trade deals and stuff?

People all across the Nation have signed petitions and attended Rallies to draw attention to your Mum, being in prison for the wrong reasons and to get her released.

Your amazing Dad is helping to. Sadly he cannot be with you, as much as he wants to either.,,

There is a lovely photograph of you being held by your Mum and Dad and you are asleep.

They are not physically with you but they are in your dreams and:
Gabriella. Your Mum WILL return to you.

There are no official Christmas lights this year in Belsize Park we think it might be the fuses or cuts but everyone is going to switch on their phone lights for your family as a symbol of support.

There has also been Paddington Bear Mania. You missed the release of the film it is fantastic but you will be able to see it on DVD. It’s sad you missed the film, so we are giving you this Paddington Bag and you can put special things in it.

The Haverstock School Journalism Project students

PS We All contributed bits to the letter!

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