Photoseries: Memoirs from the Women’s March

More than a month after The successful Women’s March Article went live on The Amensty, (and on international Women’s day), we wanted to recount motivations of the domestic and international marches, by featuring the photographs submitted by our guest contributors that didn’t make it onto our website…


Beatrice Bacci submitted this photo taken during the Women’s March on London in Trafalgar Square


Eshi Vaz, The Amnesty’s Women and Health contributor shared this picture of her, at her first ever demonstration


Fifi Xing, guest contributor and member of the UCLU Gender and Feminism Society, submitted this piece regarding her motivations for joining the Women’s March on London in its entirety


Paris March.png
Elliote Long, Culture editor, shared the following pictures as she participated in the Women’s March on Paris




Paris March (3).png
Greatest show of intersectionality in the fight for equality


Paris March centred on French issues, such as tackling the surge of Le Front Nationale, the alt-right party gaining momentum in the Presidential primaries





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