Friday special: A 2016 video diary

A while back we promised you a video recapping the oddity that was 2016… that was a work in progress. From video exchange crises to dastardly long upload times: the journey to uploading was a long one coming. But thankfully it’s here!

The video you’re about to watch was filmed by Tracy Achonowa, blogger at Mult.e.a.hyphenate who shared her thoughts about the events of 2016. Tracy is an up and coming blogger, singer and all round superstar. As a new writer for the Tab London and her powerful article on the UCL Cut the Rent movement, it’s clear that Tracy is going far and we’re incredibly excited that she filmed this video for us!

There’s so much more we could tell you about Tracy: She’s a brilliant Archaeology and Anthropology student studying at UCL, wonderful artist (as is evident from her Instagram feed), and recently hosted an incredible event in aid of Mental Health awareness for black and Minority ethnic people on HER BIRTHDAY!! If she’s not a shining example of what true altruism is, then we know nothing. Praise aside…. she’s great.

*DISCLAIMER: The words and sentiments expressed in this video are the views of Tracy. The Amnesty aims to remain apolitical, and a platform where all views can be discussed.

Interested in finding out what else Tracy has to say? Connect with her on:

LinkedIn– We’re assuming that’s the best place to get all professional and business-y

Instagram– To follow Tracy’s rather exciting life (Our communications officer informs us, she has incredibly glamourous Instagram Live stories)

Twitter– Find out more about Tracy’s views on life and the daily grind here.

We love a diversified press response to real issues: Have an idea for a story or video you’re dying to share with The Amnesty? Drop us a message and tell us more!!


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