Hi from the Human Interest Division

So we thought we say a quick hi before you began reading all our exciting stories.

Here at the Human Interest Division, we’re a pretty cool team! Our stories are broad, the people we speak to are incredibly interest and content wise we’re as cultural as it gets (sorry Culture division).

One of the things that makes us such a unique division is that most global events are human interest stories. For age appropriate to uncomfortably mature, a stories span across lifetimes and generations, and that’s why are publication is so great.

If anything, our division probably boasts the greatest number of guest contributions. We’re pretty excited to show you what we’ve got! One of our greatest features, is ‘Tales from Haverstock’ a London based journalism club at a primary school, who are submitting amazing pieces on world events from their perspective! If there’s one thing their submissions show us, is just how far-reaching global new is and that’s what we cannot wait to show you all.

We’ve scheduled some brilliant talks with some truly interesting people, that will be featured on The Amnesty (most Wednesdays) and we still have a tonne more to share.

Self-aggrandisement over! The only thing left to say is…


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