Global Politics: Official Welcome

Hello and welcome to the Global Politics division at The Amnesty.

This subsection has been designed to shed light on the global political events occurring in the world today. We hope our pieces will be thought provoking, amusing, and present a simpler account of global stories.

Sometimes, Politics can be tedious (sacrilege we know), but the implications these events have on all of us, are wide reaching and incredibly important. Our official posting day is Monday, (but if we take days off) we hope to keep you updated with breaking news events as and when they come, and will probably see us takeover The Amnesty’s Twitter account from time to time!

We’ve categorised our division into key subsections: we’ve decided political events by continent, and we also feature  Elections and Special Features tabs. We know that these things can be important to you, so we’ve made it as accessible as possible.

We’re super excited about our political features, they feature in-depth accounts from certain regions of the world. A week today, we launch our ‘Understanding Ukraine’ series and are super excited to post submissions, from a number of guest contributors and writers.

Stay tuned for all the exciting stories, the Global Politics team have to offer, but in the meantime, we’re offering you a warm welcome to our division!


The Global Politics Team




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