The Real Danish Girl: How Far Have We Come?

Great article from LSE’s Amnesty International Society


After finishing a grueling exam at the LSE, all I wanted was to shut my brain off for a little while. I was drawn to see The Danish Girl as a result of the hype Eddie Redmayne has recently received following The Theory of Everything, and people were claiming he would not disappoint in his upcoming film. However, watching The Danish Girl was not even remotely mindless. Such a provocative and tragic story certainly leaves no room for apathy or disinterest. Indeed, I left the film feeling haunted by Lili Elbe’s story.

Lili_Elbe_1926 Lili Elbe. Credit: N. Hoyer, ed., Man into Woman. An Authentic Record of a Change of Sex.

Lili Elbe was the first identifiable recipient of sex reassignment surgery.1 Lili was born Einar Wegener in 1882 and married Gerda Gottlieb in 1904. Both artists, Lili occasionally modeled for Gerda’s illustrations. Lili began to realize she was a woman born into a man’s…

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